With more than thirty (30) years of computer experience, Mr. Clairvoyant has specifically specialized in IT security for nearly fifteen (15) years as Coordinator and Senior Advisor of Governance, Audit and IT Security as well as Director and Coordinator in Human Resources Management. His extensive experience in IT security covers governmental, paragovernmental, private and municipal sectors. In recent years, Mr. Clairvoyant been working within ministries and large organizations.

Mr. Clairvoyant regularly carries out strategic orientation activities in information security in accordance with laws, regulations and best industry practices in collaboration with concerned stakeholders. He has practical experience in the application of requirements of applicable laws in security, including the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information as well as the Act to establish a legal framework for information technology. In addition to his professional qualities, Mr. Clairvoyant is an advisor who is easily able to integrate work teams. He demonstrates team spirit and an ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations. He promotes knowledge sharing and transfer of expertise, and excels at complex and multi-disciplinary projects.

It should be noted that Mr. Clairvoyant is also a member in good standing of l’Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec (Adm.A.) and is certified for more than ten ISO certifications in information security. The T.P. certification recognizes the additional knowledge related to science and technology and allows Mr. Clairvoyant to perform many tasks such as complex problem solving, design, project management and planning, the preparation of technical requirements as well the analysis and interpretation of scientific results. The ISO 27001 Master certification requires a minimum of 500 hours executed in audit activities and 500 hours in project management activities. He has several internationally recognized certifications that enable him to perform tasks professionally and to the customer’s satisfaction. He holds this certification at an international level under the title of Instructor for PECB.

His skills, experience, capacity for work, ease of teamwork, and the quality of his communications and his involvement in his work make him an important resource, highly sought to achieve the most complex and sensitive mandates that arise in growing organizations.

Mr. Clairvoyant is very active internationally under several mandates in security information.

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